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There is no denying that winter is approaching swiftly. If you have a backyard pond, are you prepared for the freezing temps in addition to the typical yard chores we all undertake in preparation for the cold weather? What are you doing to improve your fish's quality of life? No matter what time of year it is, a floating pond heater can transform any backyard pond into a tropical haven. Having a pond in your backyard has a certain appeal. It's frequently difficult to put into words the comfort and tranquility it offers. However, many people don't believe that living in a cold climate prevents them from enjoying ponds. Nothing is more false than it is. If the surface of your backyard pond has already produced ice, a floating pond heater can serve as both a pond deicer and a heater. The floating pond heater may be placed on top of the ice and will melt a hole all the way through, melting all of the ice on the pond's surface in the process. Maintaining your backyard pond can take some effort, especially when getting it ready for the long winter months. If this is a problem where you live, you'll need to cover your pond with wire mesh to prevent leaves from falling in. Install your floating pond heater when it gets really cold outside, but make sure to turn off the pump during the winter months because keeping it running could drop the temperature of the pond, which could be bad for your fish.
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