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This Findom Diva wants to play with #paypigs
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@Frenchdiva  8 months

While you are on your hands and knees anyway, stretch out so this Diva can can stretch her long legs out and rest her pedicured feet on your back. I will shop online while your body aches. When I finally let you stand up, you will be happy to pay my shopping bills. Contact me now, you dirty little dog. reply 👍 LIKE (MEGAFAN +0) @Frenchdiva
Ah, fall is here and all I can think of is YOUR chestnuts roasting on MY open fire. #paypigs reply 👍 LIKE (MEGAFAN +0) @Frenchdiva
Snips and Snails and p#uppy dog tails, that's what boys are made of. And, of course, you are over 18 years old, but no matter. Inside you are still that little boy who wants attention from his mother. She is so strict, punishing you for every little infraction. You naughty boy. #paypig #findom reply 👍 LIKE (MEGAFAN +0) @Frenchdiva
I am a mature woman of education and substance. I am taking applications for #paypigs for mutual pleasure and role playing. I like being a findom. I will take you down to your knees so you can kiss my feet. You will be appreciative of the services provided, and show it with your generosity. reply 👍 LIKE (MEGAFAN +0) @Frenchdiva
You have been a bad doggy, making a mess in the house for the Diva. It is time you get a leather collar around that scrawny neck of yours. I will put a leash on you, and make you walk on all fours in a public place. I will keep you on a tight leash. #Paypig reply 👍 LIKE (MEGAFAN +0) @Frenchdiva
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